Dear Sirs,

P.P.H. "KEMIKO" Ltd. is a Company specialising in sprinkler, deluge and fire detection installations since 1988. At the beginning our activity concentrated on production of glass bulb sprinklers. The next steps were designs of sprinkler and deluge installations, supply of fire protection equipment and installation of complete systems. Direct co-operation with fire protection experts from the Main Fire-fighting Head Quarter, who verify and accept all our designs, guarantees not only high professional quality, but also trouble free take over of executed installations. Continuously increasing market requirements regarding quality, reliability and variety of types of fire protection products stimulated us to look for a respective partner representing highly advanced technological level of products and knowledge on modern fire protection systems. Therefore in 1992 we established close relations with the American leading manufacturer - GRINNELL R belonging to TYCO International Ltd. Company. Commencement of co-operation with GRINNELL Ras its authorised distributor in Poland enabled us introducing a wide range of top quality products to our market. Agreement with GRINNELL R means not only high quality products, but also continuous access to latest technical know-how, which help us solving all problems arising in the stage of preparing the concept and then designing the system, both in accordance with the investor's requirements and standards/regulations, which at present in force. For designing the systems and hydraulic calculations our experienced engineers are using the latest version of the Grinnell's software HYDRACAD R , which has recommendation of FM and VdS as a software fully following NFPA and VdS standards. We have also long-year experience with leading manufacturers of equipment for fire detection systems, which might be installed together with sprinkler and/or deluge systems equipped with Grinnell's fire protection products. Wide technical knowledge and experience gained on numerous installation sites is a very solid background for our complex offer, which covers :

  • preparing the concept and guidelines of fire protection systems for individual projects
  • designs of sprinkler and/or deluge installations
  • supply of equipment and installation of the systems
  • after sales service and regular maintenance of installed systems

Inviting you to co-operation with our Company, we can assure you , that our very good knowledge of polish sprinkler standard PN-M-51540 and main international standards : NFPA and VdS, use of professional HYDRACAD Rdesign software, practical experience of our skilled installation team supported by Grinnell's know-how and reliable (FM, VdS, LPC, CNBOP approved) fire protection products guarantee the highest level of our services in the field of fire protection. Due to structural changes within Tyco International Inc., since 2001 Grinnell's products are distributed under the name TYCO by the division Tyco Building Services Products BV.

Should our offer be of interest to you, or should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be leased to serve you with all necessary information